Ticket Draw Information

  1. All club members are Mackey draw members, that is how membership is paid. (Students or people not working can join for half a Mackey, so €50 each). Minors (those listed on a team sheet at some point in 2014) are members and eligible to be in ticket draws even if not in the Mackey.
  2. So unless your name is on the list below (or you are a minor) you can’t be entered in the draw. You can however join at any stage, including the evening of a draw. Please check the list and if you think a mistake has been made please contact one of the committee as soon as possible.
  3. Members are not automatically entered into every ticket draw as there will be cases where someone has no interest in going. It often happens that names are entered for members who don’t want to go, but to increase the chances of getting a ticket for someone who does want to go. This is fine provided you have that members permission. If you end up with “too many” tickets after the draw, the best thing is to hand them back on the night (which is part of the reason you should be there – another is to pay) and they will be given to members who missed out.
  4. In future to minimise the chances of mistakes being made, all the names about to be entered in the draw will be read out, if you don’t hear your name and you’re a paid up member then let us know before the draw starts. Mistakes might still be made (e.g. someone who isnt there asked someone to put them in the draw but that person forgets – these things happen, another reason to be there yourself) – please be patient, it’s an open transparent system, every ticket we get makes it into the draw, we make every effort to make sure anyone who wants to be in the draw, and is eligible to be in the draw, actually makes it into the draw. Every member is equal, some clubs keep tickets for committee or others, all ours go into the draw.


Click here to download the current list of Members (as of July 9th 2014)