Race Day Regulations

  1. All participants must be registered to take part. Registration commences at 9.45am and involves signing the waiver (see Under 18 waiver), being assigned a race number which you will attach to your jersey with safety pins, and paying the entry fee (or confirming online payment if applicable) or returning the sponsor card as appropriate.
  2. Both the 10k and 5k runners shall depart at 11am sharp. The 10k competitors start from a point approximately 1km from the clubhouse in order to finish the 10k measured back to the gate of the sportsfield (starting point will be signposted, marked and stewards will provide directions, starting, timekeeping etc.).  The official race with prize money and the trophy is the 10k. Medals- gold, silver and bronze medals for ladies &gents 10k &5k races.
  3. 5k runners turn left at the Post Office cross (water stations) to return to the dressingrooms passing the church and school shortly after the left turn. This turn will be clearly marked. The 5k distance is completed at the gate of the sportsfield.
  4. All further junctions for the 10k will be clearly marked and manned by stewards. See route maps.
  5. At the finishing line for the 10k a 3 person team will manually record your time : (i) calls your race number as you cross the line, (ii) taps the iPad Lap on the iPad Stopwatch function (so that everyone’s time is recorded in order of finish – 1 to 200) & (iii) writes your race number and time in a list numbered 1 to 200.
  6. The route will taper (narrow) to single file approaching the finish line to allow for orderly recording of times, please show consideration to fellow runners by not attempting to pass them on the narrowed path (please have your overtaking done by then).
  7. Ladies and gents showers will be available afterwards in the dressingrooms.
  8.  Refreshments will be available afterwards for all participants.
  9.  Presentation of the cups and prizes takes place at 12.15pm at the dressingrooms (some competitors may still be out on the course but the presentation time is selected so as not to unduly delay the main body of competitors).
  10.  All times will be made available on Facebook on the same day.
  11.  Please co-operate with the stewards and organisers on the day, thank you for participating and enjoy yourselves folks!