AGM: Friday 21st November, 9pm

Our club AGM will be held on the above date and time in the clubhouse in Ballysteen. We will circulate an agenda for the AGM and other relevant information to all members a week before the AGM. Your attendance and participation at the AGM would be appreciated.

Please note that Eamonn Murphy and John Anglim are retiring as Chairman and Secretary respectively, so replacements will be required. Padraig Vaughan is remaining on as Treasurer. This is a great opportunity to allow new blood and new ideas to come to the fore.

The club will be shortly be circulating our players and members survey (as we did last year). This has proven to be a very useful aid to reviewing the current year and planning for next year. Please return it by Friday 14th November.

If nominating someone other than yourself, please make sure that the person you are nominating is willing to do the job. If there is more than one candidate for a particular role it will go to a vote at the AGM, voting is by secret ballot. Nominations can only come from the floor if there are no advance written nomination – these are all standard rules in accordance with the standard club constitution. Please return these forms which have been circulated via e-mail at least 1 day before the meeting.

In order to speed up communication and save time and cost for the club, please send an email with any queries or any other business to